Tesla-powered Land Rover Defenders – The ULTIMATE off-roaders?

Robert and Jack head to rural Wales for a “dirty weekend” with two very special vehicles: a pair of EV-converted Land Rover Defenders.

With Tesla powertrains hidden under their boxy bodies and a combined 900 horsepower between them, are these the ultimate off-roading adventure vehicles? And just how much better is greenlaning when it’s truly… green?

Read Jack’s blog.


00:00 “A dirty weekend”
00:57 meet the cars
3:32 The plan
4:33 First impressions
7:22 See you at the crossroads, crossroads
8:52 SMASH
10:51 “A bit of a puddle”
12:24 Lunch time!
13:18 A very big hill
14:51 Swapsies?
17:06 STUCK
18:41 Quick pic!
19:35 We made it!

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