TESLA Plaid, Vertical Aerospace & Flying Ferry

Robert is joined by our new presenter Jack to run through some recent news stories including the Tesla Plaid launch.

Robert’s back with his take on some recent news and this time he’s not alone!

Our new car presenter Jack joins Robert in his home studio to chat about a broad spectrum of recent stories from the world of electric vehicles and clean energy. Find out what they think about the new Tesla Model S Plaid and what they are guessing the Polestar 3 could look like (Spoiler: likely to be ‘another’ SUV). From the incredible 100,000 pre-order sales of the Ford F-150 Lightening, to a slow and steady record for the Renault Zoe, Robert and Jack will make sure you’re up to date.

There’s also a couple of interesting stories about flying ferries and flying taxis – could these be the future of transport? Oh and a good chat about vomit. Enjoy!

Links to the news stories

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