Tesla Opens Up, Scooter Dilemma & The World's Greenest Football Club

It’s a new month and there’s an array of clean energy stories to discuss, Jack joins Robert at the World’s Greenest Football Club for a very special announcement, plus they share their thoughts on the hottest topics of the day:

Is Tesla’s decision to open the supercharger network a smart move? Is the Electric Scooter being set up to fail? Why is Toyota still trying to kill the electric car? Also they talk about Audi’s Dakar ambitions, New Nuclear, Ford’s Gas Fragrance, Mercedes 620 mile ‘Vision’ AND a short interview with Dale Vince of Ecotricity.

All will become clear. Probably.


0:00 The World’s Greenest Football Club
2:44 Mercedes 1000km vision
4:20 Tesla Opens Up
7:57 Audi’s Dakar ambition
10:30 Toyota trying to slow shift to EVs
13:35 New Nuclear bills surcharge?
15:58 Ford’s Gas Fragrance
17:56 Are Scooters being set up to fail?
20:52 The Fully Charged New Lawn
21:50 Forest Green Rovers’ Dale Vince

The news stories featured are linked below…

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