Smart #1 EV – A baby Mercedes with Chinese tech??

Could the new Smart #1 EV be more important than we realise? Jack finds out in this new episode.

Jack checks out the new Smart #1, the first car of a new era at Smart. Now owned 50/50 by Mercedes and Geely, it combines European branding and design with Chinese software and hardware. But is it any good? And if so, could this be an insight into how our cars get built in the future?


0:00 But wait
1:48 New smart look
3:16 Dream team
4:03 Price?
4:33 Walkaround
6:26 Battery & range
7:29 Better looking back
8:40 Slippery design
9:10 Premium interior
11:05 AI influence
12:20 Super spacious
13:05 Jack in the back?
13:36 Final thoughts

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