Sandy Munro and Robert Llewellyn Answer All YOUR EV Questions!

What does the future hold for electric vehicles?! EV legends Sandy Munro and Robert Llewellyn answer your questions and make their predictions!

From which OEMs will still be standing in 10 years time, how much better batteries can get, big myths debunked and buttons to bring back, join the OGs of EVs for this special episode!


0:00 Introduction
1:08 A special guest!
1:25 Favourite EVs
2:10 Big Buttons!
3:19 Cars to revive!
4:29 Biggest improvements to EVs
5:09 OEM Extinctions?!
6:28 Cheap EVs
8:12 WHY SUVS??!
8:42 Efficiency!
11:03 Mainstream V2G?!
12:45 What about particulates?
13:54 Supply Chain Fix
15:52 Better batteries!
18:24 Solid State?!
19:30 Concluding thoughts

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