Rivian R1T in-depth review – The Swiss Army Knife of trucks!

On his Fully Charged debut, our new US correspondent, Ricky Roy gives his in-depth thoughts on the new Rivian R1T.

Does the long-awaited electric adventure truck live up to the immense hype? Does it have what it takes to fend off incoming rivals from Tesla, Ford and Hummer? And just how ,many secret gadgets are hidden in that truck bed? Check out the episode to find out and be sure to show the latest addition to the Fully Charged team some love by liking this video and leaving a comment down below!


0:00 Meet our US presenter!
0:34 A VERY hyped truck
1:28 What’s it like to drive?
2:47 A mini off-roading adventure
4:00 World’s coolest key?
5:06 Storage and cabin space
5:52 Rear seats
7:33 Exterior design
8:35 Infotainment deep dive
10:15 Let’s get frunky
11:13 A truck bed full of surprises
15:25 Efficiency & range
16:26 Aero design
18:08 It’s still a truck!
19:08 How quiet is it?
19:46 Was it worth the wait?

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