Return of the cheap EV, Nissan's new Micra & more 'almost' Breaking News!

This episode of Almost Breaking News is brought to you from Robert’s home where he looks at the latest stories including the return of our favourite cheap EV and Nissan’s new Micra.

Join Robert at his home for this latest Almost Breaking News where he will bring you stories including some actual breaking news from Nissan, a positive renewable energy story from a tabloid paper, an exciting update for fans of the VW e-Up and how old chip fat is helping Aussie EV drivers. Find out Robert’s views on all of these and more, in-between his daily household chores of course.

Plus a special update on our LIVE shows and why 4 may become 6 in 2023!


0:00 Wakey, wakey
0:59 Coming up
1:46 LIVE events update
3:39 Electric Micra?
4:23 CCS
7:22 Windy Pete
8:38 Bye bye Bollinger
9:30 BP rapid chargers
10:21 Shell charging station
13:21 eUp!
14:35 Chip fat chargers
17:04 Aussie sunshine

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