RENAULT ZOE 2021 – EVs have changed more than you realise...

Jack revisits the Renault Zoe to see how far it’s come since it launched 9 years ago and asks if it can still compete?

It’s hard to believe, but the little Zoe has been with us for almost nine years now, selling well over 100,000 units across Europe. But where does it fit into the modern EV landscape?

Where it once had the ‘electric supermini’ scene all to itself, it must now do battle with rivals from Mini, Honda, Peugeot and others. Renault has tweaked and changed the Zoe over the course of its lifetime and there’s no question that it’s still one of our absolute favourite EVs – but is it still the best of the bunch? Has it been sufficiently updated to keep its rivals at bay and can it realistically compete with new EVs built using bespoke architecture?

One thing is for sure: a close look at the Zoe shows just how much the EV game has changed in the past decade. Check out the video to find out why, and be sure to leave a comment to let us know if you think the Zoe is still the best electric supermini – and if not, what is!


0:00 Nearly 9
1:00 Proper competition
2:40 Updates
3:30 Big battery
4:33 Size matters
5:30 More premium
6:38 Fake buttons
8:00 Comfortable
9:00 Lots of range
10:03 Impressive enough?
12:21 Concluding thoughts

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