Quentin Willson takes a tour of Fully Charged LIVE

Friends of The Fully Charged Show, Quentin Willson and Britishvolt have kindly
produced today’s episode for us.

Taking you on a tour around this years’ Fully Charged LIVE event at Farnborough, Quentin shows us how far the electrification has come in just 12 months, whilst picking out some of his personal highlights from the show.

From the smart tech you’d expect like EVs and chargers, we also get a look at the latest in sustainable energy, micro-mobility, boats and even planes!

We truly believe Fully Charged LIVE is the World’s #1 Clean Energy & Electric Vehicle event, showcasing the whole electrification ecosystem and proving that going green is going everywhere!

Thank you to Quentin and the team at Britishvolt for this episode.

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