POWERHOUSE AUSTRALIA? Oz's global opportunity in clean energy & electric vehicles

Robert discusses ‘Powerhouse Australia’ and the enormous untapped potential of renewables and EVs in this Antipodean themed episode.

It’s no secret, we’re Australia aficionados, and we’re taking Fully Charged LIVE down under in 2022, so it frustrates us that (as yet), this sleeping giant hasn’t awakened to the potential of clean energy & electric vehicles. Not least as Australia is blessed with all of the conditions that could see it become a global ‘powerhouse’ that not only self-generates it’s only clean energy, but also exports its efforts around the world. Will it grasp this golden opportunity?

In this episode, Robert talks to energy expert Simon Hackett about some of the exciting things that are starting to happen. We can’t wait to join our Australian audience in Sydney in October 2022, and for commercial enquiries, please email Gina@FullyCharged.Show

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