Polestar 3 – A Giant SUV That DOESN’T Make Us Angry?!

Jack Scarlett heads to Denmark for the global unveiling of the hotly anticipated new Polestar 3.

A large, all-electric SUV which Polestar claims is purpose-built for the sustainable future. But can a giant SUV ever be truly sustainable? Do cars like this deserve a place in our future at all?

Check out the video to see what Jack thinks…


0:00 So much hype
1:39 The essential info
3:41 Polestar’s next four cars
4:18 The burning question…
4:55 Exterior walkaround
8:36 Performance stats
9:42 Range, efficiency, charging
10:53 Round the back
11:35 Where’s the sustainability?
12:52 Interior
16:28 Sustainable luxury
17:41 Back seat Jack test
19:01 What do we think?

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