How Do You Charge an Electric Car at the North Pole?!

Driving Pole to Pole in an EV? Imogen travelled to Iceland to meet the couple behind Plug in Adventures to find out more.

Driving from North to South Pole in an electric car surely must be the way to dispel EV myths and range anxiety?!

That’s certainly what Chris and Julie Ramsey are hoping for when they set off from magnetic north in March in a fully kitted out Nissan Ariya on the ultimate electric road trip.

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Follow Chris and Julie’s journey.


0:00 17,000 Miles in an electric car!
1:23 Electric adventures
2:12 Why?!
5:00 Go where combustion engines can’t
6:27 A bit more sophisticated than a Nissan Leaf…
8:56 How do you charge an electric car in the North Pole?!
9:53 The power of a road trip

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