ORA CAT First Look – Cheap Chinese EVs are finally here!

Jack takes a first look at the Ora Cat and asks if this new electric car from China could change our perceptions.

I’m sure many of you were hoping for a cheaper, more basic package from China’s first EV to land on UK soil. Starting at around £25,000 the Ora is still one of the cheaper EVs available in the UK, but it’s hardly the sub £15k price tag some were hoping for, based on Ora’s previous China-only model costing the equivalent of just £7,000.

But don’t dismiss the Ora Cat just because it isn’t as cheap as chips. For the price, it is a fairly remarkable package which both looks and feels far more premium than the VW ID.3 it goes up against. The Cat is the first of what will surely be many, many Chinese EVs to be offered in the UK and its main goal is to offer excellent value-for-money, while also demonstrating that Chinese car brands are capable of much more than just ‘cheap and cheerful’.

What do you think of the Ora Cat and want to know more? Check out Jack’s new blog.


0:00 Start with a story
1:49 Ora who?
3:11 Ora R1
3:59 Costs
4:40 Superior interior
6:25 Battery & range
7:35 Design chat
8:31 What’s included?
9:44 Charging
11:02 Not a crossover!
12:12 Two screen set up
13:11 Back seat Jack test
14:20 Lightbar surprise
15:32 What do you think?
15:56 Ora Cat GT
16:41 Concluding thoughts

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