MOKKA-E Long Term Review – A big step in the right direction...

In this Mokka-e long term review Jack asks the Fully Charged production team what they thought of this bright green crew car.

Yes, the Mokka-e is undeniably very, very green, but is it any good?

It’s no secret that Vauxhall, part of the Stellantis super group, are looking to reinvent themselves and the dramatic design language of the Mokka-e is evidence of this. As this green machine has been on a long term loan to the Fully Charged production crew we caught up with these camera shy folk to find out what they think.

It’s a nice, small and cheap(ish) electric car, with a few shortcomings. As it is built on a multi-energy platform (there are petrol and diesel versions) you simply don’t get the back seat or boot space that a ground-up built EV can offer and when you take it out on the motorway, the range is less impressive.

What we want to see are small, cheap electric cars built on a dedicated ev platform, and the good news is, Stellantis say they are coming. What do you think of the Mokka-e?

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