Mina – Making paying for Business EV charging radically simple!

For this product showcase we spoke to Ashley Tate, CEO and co-founder of Mina, to learn about Mina’s solution for making paying for business ev charging radically simple!

Mina’s multi-award winning payment solution is the UK’s only product that combines home, public and workplace charging on one monthly invoice for the business. Drivers are never out of pocket and don’t have to submit expense claims each month. Instead when a driver charges their company EV at home, Mina calculates the exact cost and pays their energy supplier directly each month.

When charging in public, drivers can charge at over 5000 charge points with a Mina Chargepass®, their single RFID card. Costs for charging at home, in public and at the workplace are invoiced to the fleet directly each month. These costs appear on the Mina Fleet Portal along with insights on cost per kWh, consumption and duration, and Carbontrack™ – our carbon emission and intensity reporting.

For more information visit: mina.co.uk

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