Mercedes EQXX EXCLUSIVE – Better Than The Lightyear 0??

Jack takes an exclusive look and ride in the ultra efficient and long range Mercedes EQXX is this EV better than the Lightyear 0?

Just hours after testing the new Lightyear 0 in Spain, Jack was back in the UK for a passenger ride in its closest rival: the Mercedes EQXX. A one-off testbed which will inform the next generation of electric Mercs, the EQXX boasts levels of efficiency and range never before seen on an EV.

So how do the two compare, and what elements from this car should we expect to see on the Mercedes cars of tomorrow?


0:00 An old friend…
1:48 Reintroducing the EQXX
2:33 The ultra-efficient road trip
3:38 Standout features
5:42 The magic battery
6:44 Surprisingly fast!
7:54 EQXX vs Lightyear

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