Kia Niro EV – The BEST Electric Family Car Just Got BETTER!

Jack has been spending some time with the new Kia Niro EV – a car with big shoes to fill.

Its predecessor was the UK’s second best-selling EV last year and with good reason: it’s a brilliant all-rounder offering big range and outstanding value for money.

So, how does the new one stack up? Is it more than just a pretty face, or has Kia lost its way?


0:00 Search for the Kia keyer
1:47 What made the old car so good?
3:09 NEW Niro exterior
7:00 Less shiny and new underneath
7:56 A nosey round the interior
10:05 Spec chat!
11:16 Back seat Jack test
12:35 Out on the road
14:10 Ooh it’s efficient!
14:42 Did Kia get it right?
16:24 Final verdict

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