Kia EV6 Review – this Electric Car is out of this world!

In Jack’s Kia EV6 review we find out if this impressive electric car can take Kia to the next level.

Since we took a first look at the new Kia EV6 we’ve been desperate to take it out on the roads and it did not disappoint, But what makes the EV6 so special in a market awash with electric SUVs?

As the car that has the task of single-handedly reinventing the Kia brand, and having to follow the success of the Kia e-Niro – the EV6 has a lot of resting on its space-age designed shoulders. Its crazy, Batmobile-style design won’t be for everyone, but if one drives past you, we can guarantee you will turn and look.

So, what do we think? This is an extremely impressive, well-rounded and thoughtfully designed electric family car that has been successful in transforming the Kia brand to be more luxurious, tech-focused and sporty whilst maintaining the practical features they are known for. We really, really like it, but what do you think?

Check out Jack’s First Look at the EV6.


0:00 Reports of a mysterious vehicle
0:59 What’s the big deal?
2:30 Good to drive
4:54 Crazy design
6:19 Cabin fever
8:57 EV6 GT
9:40 Stats & numbers
11:32 Thoughtful touches
14:02 Spec mish mash
15:08 Physical knobs
16:02 Small dislikes
17:41 Price
18:54 Concluding thoughts

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