KIA EV6 – In-depth walkaround

What will Jack think of the new Kia EV6? Find out in this exclusive in-depth walkaround.

Charming, bold, modern, stylish. Not words usually associated with a Kia perhaps, but with their new EV6, the times definitely are a changing.

The EV6 marks the first of 11 pure electric vehicles Kia will putting on the road by 2026 and is built on their new dedicated E-GMP (electric global modular platform). It looks the business, has an impressive range and the ability to charge from 10-80% in 18 minutes (if you can find a rapid charger that is).

The interior is super spacious and oozes quality. It has zero gravity seats (yes it’s a thing) and some seriously impressive tech and safety features. The design is sporty, and the GT version will offer true performance, but this is still a small, SUV, cross-over family car packed full of practical features and the ability to power pretty much anything from the car using the vehicle to load charging capability.

This is a special, special car and we’re not afraid to say that it could well be the coolest EV on the block. What do you think?

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0:00 Super secret location
1:12 What is the EV6?
2:09 A very big deal
2:46 Start at the front
3:21 Digital Tiger Face
4:00 Base/GT/GT Line
4:52 Astonishing inside
5:46 Best side angle
7:00 Batman mirrors
7:49 Bold rear
9:03 Ohhhh lights!
9:54 Practical buttons & versatile knobs
11:23 Fast charging
12:00 Vehicle-to-load charging
12:35 Impressive range
12:56 Zero gravity seats
13:47 Room for 2 Jacks
14:32 Slam dunk
15:07 What do you think?
15:36 Subscribe, support, join

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