HOME SERIES – 20 Minute Supercut

The message is coming loud and clear from COP26 that the time for talking is over, now is the time for action. In this 20 minute supercut of our recent Home Series we’ve highlighted some of the practical steps you can take to decarbonise your home.

If you are looking to make the move away from fossil-fuelled technologies at home but don’t know where to begin this is the perfect introduction and then, if you want more details, watch the full episodes at the links below.

Ep.1 – Energy Efficiency & Fabric First
Ep.2 – Smart Thermostats & Sustainable Energy Tariffs
Ep.3 – Generating, Storing & Shifting Electricity
Ep.4 – Generating, Storing & Shifting Thermal Energy
Ep.5 – Air Source & Ground Source Heat Pumps
Ep.6 – Zero Emission Heating & Boiler Spoilers

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