HiPhi X Review – One of China's strangest Electric Cars yet?

Yes the HiPhi X is the most expensive Chinese EV ever made, but is it the best? Elliot takes this sporty SUV out for a drive to find out.

The bright orange HiPhi X from new kids on the block, Human Horizons is the most expensive Chinese EV ever produced. So suffice to say, we had pretty high hopes for this large sporty SUV.

There’s no doubt that it’s a very impressive vehicle, packed full of gadgets and tech, with crazy doors and screens absolutely everywhere you look. But is this car trying to do too much at once and, in doing so, made itself too complicated to get to grips with?

Check out the video to find out if Human Horizons has what it takes to challenge the likes of Tesla and Nio for premium EV dominance in China, and be sure to let us know in the comments what you make of this unusual car.


0:00 Too much?
1:16 Bright horizons
1:53 Striking design
2:30 Rear wheel steering
3:15 Sound of silence
3:49 Sporty profile
4:38 Battery & range
5:57 Lights, lights, lights
7:07 Snazzy doors
8:16 Third row seats
9:43 Co pilot screen
11:07 Fixtures and fittings
12:30 Complications
14:57 Trickle effect

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