Heat Pump Home Truths!

Today’s episode supplements a recent release on the Fully Charged Show channel, where our presenter Helen Czerski explained how heat pumps work in “Defying Physics and Making Boilers History?! Heat Pumps Explained”. Here we find out what it’s really like to live with a heat pump from homeowner Jan Rosenow.

Installed in a Victorian terraced property in Oxford to replace an old gas boiler as part of a bigger renovation project, Jan takes us through the reasons why a heat pump was the best option for him, what challenges were experienced during the installation, and what the neighbours think.

Click here to watch Helen’s episode on the Fully Charged Show.

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0:00 Intro
1:03 What Does a Heat Pump Do?
1:27 Installation Challenges
3:10 Why an Air Source Heat Pump?
3:41 What does the Heat Pump Connect To?
4:07 What Is It Like To Live With?
4:38 A Future Technology?
5:43 Energy Usage Comparison
6:17 Telling others?
6:39 Finding Your Installer?
7:32 Home Energy Efficiency
8:33 It’s Not Rocket Science!

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