Germany Gigafactory opens + MASSIVE methane leak!!

In this week’s news episode, Robert discusses the new Germany Gigafactory, a giant electric cruise ship, a new Aston Martin, a huge methane leak and more.

In this week’s edition of Bobby’s semi-punctual news show, we discuss the opening of Tesla’s Berlin Gigafactory, the Aussie billionaires who are fighting climate change in their government’s stead, the world’s biggest electric ship, a shiny new electric Aston Martin and more!


0:00 Hello and welcome!
0:50 A shameless plug
3:22 Berlin Gigafactory opens
5:25 Electric cruise ship
6:31 Aussie bloke is our hero
9:08 Massive methane leak
11:24 Uber to install 700 chargers
12:47 More air mobility
14:40 Electric Aston Martin!
15:15 That’s yer lot!

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