EVIOS – The smart way to charge at home

In this new showcase filmed at Fully Charged LIVE UK we spoke to EVIOS about the smarter way you can charge at home.

For this episode, filmed at Fully Charged LIVE 2022, Robert speaks to the Founder and Chief Executive of EVIOS, David Martell. David’s been in the EV industry for over 14 years after founding BP Pulse (formally Chargemaster) in 2008.

His new venture, EVIOS, was launched in April this year and is set to shake up the EV charging market in the UK, with its home charge point, the EVIOS One. By combining smart charging technology, with a really easy user interface, the EVIOS One has been designed for mass market electric motoring.

You can simply select whether you’d like to charge cheaply, sustainable or quickly, and your charge point cleverly does the rest using smart integrations with solar panels and energy tariffs. The EVIOS One also has a unique pin functionality, meaning it can cater for charge points with multiple users, for example at apartment blocks or for households with multiple EVs that need individual charging reports. Reservations are now being taken for installations from July 2022 onwards.

For more information, visit www.myevios.com

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