EATON’s 'Buildings as a Grid' approach to energy transition

In this new product showcase we talk to Eaton about their ‘Buildings as a Grid’ approach to energy transition.

For this product showcase we spoke to Caroline Royle and Giuseppe Sgro of Eaton to learn about a scalable approach to EV charging that is an investment in energy transition.

Eaton has developed its Buildings as a Grid approach to unite the power needs of buildings and EVs with on-site renewable energy generation. The #BuildingsAsAGrid approach supports the operation of an EV charging system.

If you are a building owner, leaseholder, manager, developer, investor, architect, consultant, buildings designer or a vehicle fleet manager, you may be thinking about installing electric vehicle chargers at your site. Discover how Eaton’s approach can transform your building or site into an energy hub.

For more information, visit: www.eaton/buildingsasagrid

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