Deep Geothermal at EDEN PROJECT

Robert visits the Eden Project to find out why geothermal power could be the future of electricity.

Could geothermal power be the future of electricity generation? Robert visits Cornwall to find out how Eden Geothermal are unlocking geothermal energy in the granite beneath the ground.

Their seriously impressive geothermal drilling rig might be the same kit you use to drill for oil and gas, but instead they are targeting clean, natural, sustainable energy from the rocks deep below. This is the first phase of a two well development which will completely power the eco-focused Eden Project making it carbon neutral as well as potentially power 17,000 surrounding houses.

What is really exciting about this project is that it feels like the beginning of a new geothermal energy industry could be on the horizon.

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0:00 Introduction
2:05 Huge drilling rig
3:47 Need baseload
4:14 Deep drilling
5:39 Heating up
6:50 How does it work?
8:22 Flow & heat
9:29 Second well
10:40 Runs all the time
11:19 Big piece of kit
12:38 Geothermal potential
15:12 Round the clock
16:08 Not fracking
17:19 Obvious resource
19:17 Subscribe, support, join

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