CUPRA BORN Review – Is this Electric hot hatch, hot enough?

Robert takes the Cupra Born for a spin around Barcelona to see if this new hot hatch is as hot as it says it is!

The name’s Born, Cupra Born.

Robert might have been on a well deserved holiday driving through France and Spain but he couldn’t resist stopping in Barcelona to take the super cool looking Cupra Born for a test drive.

Built in Germany using VW’s MEB platform, the Cupra Born is the sporty hot hatch sister of the ID.3. From the sides they look almost identical, but the front and back are strongly stylised looking somewhat flared and angry! The Cupra is comfortable, spacious, nice to drive and, when you pop it in performance mode, it’s definitely got a bit of poke.

But would we choose it over the ID.3? Do we like the copper bits scattered around the car? We’re just not sure. What do you think?


0:00 Sunny Barcelona
1:33 Not an SUV
2:19 SEAT/Cupra history
3:26 Sporty hot hatch ID.3
3:54 Aggressive & angry
4:51 Front & back
5:54 Tickling hot hatch desire
6:36 All the stats
7:53 Properly comfortable
8:45 Performance mode
9:44 Ground-up
10:00 Jack’s questions
11:04 Regen
12:03 Copper trim
13:05 Screens & settings
14:33 Car for drivers
16:31 Concluding thoughts

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