Calling ALL Electric Vehicle Drivers! We need YOU!

Almost every Electric Vehicle driver we’ve ever met – and with 6 Fully Charged LIVE exhibitions globally, we’ve met a LOT – loves their EV. So it’s a source of frustration when some sections of the media mislead their readers, and in turn our leaders. And the problem is, it’s getting worse – scare stories are on the up and Electric Vehicles in particular (and Clean Energy in general) are becoming politicised. We try to avoid being too political on the Fully Charged SHOW, but it’s been so bad of late, we’ve teamed up with Quentin Willson’s FairCharge UK to form the #StopBurningStuff alliance.

Ahead of this Autumn’s Political Party Conference season we are headed to Westminster, for some ‘straight talking’ to assembled politicians, civil servants, press and media, and if you live in or around London, we would love to see you there. Especially so if you drive an Electric Vehicle, and are frustrated that your real-life experience is not reflected in the media.

It’s FREE to attend, simply register here ASAP.

Or if you are unable to attend, but would like to lend your support to the #StopBurningStuff campaign, you can contribute here.

Irrespective we are extremely grateful that you continue to support us by watching our channels or attending our LIVE events in the UK, US, Canada, Australia & Europe – www.FullyCharged.LIVE.