Audi Q4 e-tron first drive – the electric Audi we wanted all along!

Jack takes the new smaller, cheaper Audi Q4 e-tron for a first drive and is pretty impressed.

First there was the e-tron, then the e-tron GT, now Audi are back with their new premium electric SUV – bizarrely named the Q4 e-tron!

This is cheaper, smaller, more city friendly version of the e-tron, essentially it’s a bit less posh. But this is no bad thing, in fact, it might actually be better than it’s predecessors as it has been built from the ground up on VW Group’s MEB platform. Now VW Group have invested in this modular platform, they will be able to churn out lots of different EVs in a quick and cost effective way.

The Q4 might look compact on the outside but it’s incredibly spacious inside and packed with responsive technology. It might not be the sportiest EV but its got a bit of poke and clearly Audi are more focused on the driving experience being easy and comfortable.

The Q4 is Audi’s way of telling us they are all in on electric, reinforced by their target of this being their 2nd best selling model by the end of 2022. So, what do you think of the design? Tell us in the comments.

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0:00 Sunny Slough
1:41 Name confusion
2:24 Q4 E-Tron – what is it?
3:08 Spot the difference
4:01 MEB platform
4:18 Design tour
6:18 Small outside, big inside
7:44 Tech talk
9:26 3 versions
10:34 High hopes
10:57 How’s the drive?
11:45 A bit of poke
13:20 Tight turning circle
14:29 Concluding thoughts
15:30 Subscribe, support, join

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