Amsterdam – Europe’s E-mobility capital?

Is Amsterdam the e-mobility capital of Europe? Jack and Imogen arrive to the city early for Fully Charged LIVE Europe to find out.

In our last episode we ‘bigged up’ Norway, and Oslo in particular, as the epicentre of the electric car earthquake, but there’s another city in with a shout of being the e-mobility capital of the world. Amsterdam is – with its bikes, trikes, scooters, skateboards, boats, trams, vans and of course cars – the very definition of a modern multi-modal city, and inspiration for how we all could live.

Jack and Imogen arrived early to Amsterdam for Fully Charged LIVE Europe to find out how this city is championing electrification and clean mobility. If you have questions around sustainability, clean energy and making the switch to electric, join us at Amsterdam’s RAI Exhibition Centre where we’ll have experts on hand with all the answers and an array of electric vehicles of all shapes and sizes to see and try for yourself!

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