Accessible EV Charging – A Challenge to the Industry

In this new showcase we spoke to Motability and Designability about accessible EV charging.

We spoke to Catherine Marris from the charity Motability, and Keir Haines from Designability, to learn about the work they are doing to set world leading national accessible charging standards.
With one in five people in the UK living with a disability, estimates show there will be 2.7 million disabled drivers in the UK in 2035. Of these 2.7 million, it is estimated up to 1.35 million, or 50%, will be at least wholly or partially reliant on public charging infrastructure, meaning they will need to charge their vehicle away from home. However, this has not been designed with their accessibility needs in mind.

Motability is working with Designability, Government, industry, charities and most importantly, disabled people, focussing on practical design changes that will ensure disabled people aren’t left behind as the UK transitions to electric.

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