Looking back on 2019 and our 2020 vision...

Looking back on 2019 and our 2020 vision…

New Series, 'Maddies goes Electric' premieres on Fully Charged in the New Year

It’s been another EXTRA-ordinary year in the energy transition. ‘Incorruptibles’ like Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thunberg and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez have significantly advanced awareness of the urgent necessity to aggressively reverse carbon emissions.

We don’t labour this point on Fully Charged – we see it as our role to inspire people to change – but there is no doubt that interest in the ways in which we can lessen our impact on the planet is starting to surge.

Whether it’s switching people on to clean energy, or generating interest in electric vehicles of all shapes and sizes, we are proud to cover the technologies that can transform the world.

Naturally, we are keen to walk the walk on this too, and for example getting overseas episodes filmed with overseas presenters and videographers is something you are likely to see more of next year.

Arguably, the most disappointing thing that we have witnessed in the last 12 months, is that some of the car manufacturers are clearly still paying lip service to electrification.

After all, in what other market, do you see demand outstripping supply quite so obviously?

Nature abhors a vacuum though, and the Model 3 has hoovered up sales in Europe. The rapid construction of a new Gigafactory in China and the announcement of another in Germany, should surely see Tesla being taken seriously now?

Meanwhile, waiting in the wings, newer brands like Rivian, as well as a host of Chinese brands, are poised to make their play for market share.

From where we stand at Fully Charged, it is increasingly clear that there will be big casualties amongst the established car companies that don’t fully embrace pure electric vehicles, over the next few years.

At Fully Charged we have experienced some huge highs this year, principle amongst them is growing our global audience to the 2 million mark and achieving 4.6 million views in August alone.

As well as running a very large LIVE event this year, Fully Charged aired 50 podcasts and 90 episodes. This is mind-blowing from a team of ten people, and we would like to offer our profound thanks to them all.

Our top 10 episodes from 2019 (as of December 17th), include:

  1. Rivian at LA Motor Show – 3,018,000
  2. Porsche Taycan – 1,808,000
  3. Honda-e First Drive – 1,172,000
  4. Lightyear One – 1,120,000
  5. Honda-e Prototype – 1,059,000
  6. Geneva Motor Show – 945,000
  7.  First Light Fusion Р656,000
  8. Inside Rivian – 531,000
  9. Tesla Powerwall 2 – 509,000
  10. WMG Future Batteries – 446.000

But before we begin congratulating ourselves, here’s a stark reminder of what could be at stake:

Did you know? Climate Ben

Did you know? Climate Ben

If you have found your way to this blog, it stands to reason that you have already started to ‘do your bit’, so what we would really appreciate is if you send your friends and family to Fully Charged so we can inspire them to do theirs.

To that end, this January we are releasing a new series with BAFTA award-winner Maddie Moate, entitled ‘Maddie Goes Electric’ and we would be very grateful if you share that content as widely as you can.

It’s our privilege to work on Fully Charged, and your support means the world to us.

See you in 2020!

Robert, Dan and the Fully Charged team

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