Excitement builds for Fully Charged Europe 2022

Excitement builds for Fully Charged Europe 2022

Last month Dan Caesar and I boarded the Eurostar to head to Amsterdam and, despite the appalling Wi-Fi and endless Covid paperwork, the short trip was an overwhelmingly positive experience.

With around a third of our YouTube audience based in Europe and the progressive approach the Netherlands has to adopting electric vehicles and clean energy, Amsterdam is the perfect location for us to bring our Fully Charged LIVE event next Spring.

We are lucky to have an incredibly talented team based in Amsterdam (Maarten, Linda and Gertjan) and after 18 months of online meetings together it was a special treat to meet them all in the flesh and spend time planning out the 3 day event in March 2022.

Arriving in Amsterdam we headed straight to our venue for the show, the RAI exhibition centre, on the outskirts of the city. In the week leading up to the show we will film a special ‘Electric Race to the RAE’ episode – but my lips are sealed on the details for that.

At the RAI we visited the Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS) and spoke with Torqeedo about their electric drives for sailboats from dinghies to yachts up to 120 feet. Our Amsterdam show will reflect the trends in the Netherlands of electric travel by boats, and our access to the harbour will allow us to showcase those companies who are leading the way.

Each of our LIVE events will have the flavour of their location, the UK Show at Farnborough International next year will feature electric flight, our North America show in San Diego will have electric pickups and as bicycle culture is so prevalent in Amsterdam, expect many electric bikes at the show.

One electric bike company that blew us away on our visit was Van Moof, with their achingly cool new office base in the North of the city and a bike with a design and advanced security system that takes biking to the next level.

Amsterdam is truly home to some incredible, game-changing companies and it was great to hear about Lightyear’s future plans for their impressive solar powered car.

But for Fully Charged LIVE we are not just interested in electric vehicles, we are equally focussed on renewable energy and clean technology solutions so were particularly excited to view Skoon’s epically big battery powering a sizeable cruise boat on the river.

Skoon are supporting the Project Clean Amsterdam activities by providing green shore power to many different ships throughout the city. As a company, Skoon are constantly adapting their business model to move with the changing market and these ‘big, green batteries’ are now available to rent for temporary projects, providing clean power on demand.

Our trip might have been short, but we left feeling incredibly excited about our show at the RAI next year and can’t wait to help showcase what is happening within the Netherlands, and across Europe. With people in Ireland having already booked tickets to come to Amsterdam, make sure you don’t miss out on what promises to be a truly electrifying event.

If you are interested in exhibiting, speaking or sponsoring Fully Charged LIVE Europe please contact Europe@fullycharged.show.

Tickets are available now.

We can’t wait to see you there!

About the author

Sophie has worked in marketing and communications for 18 years in a number of public and private sector roles. She began working for Fully Charged by helping to deliver the first UK LIVE show at Silverstone in 2018 and officially joined the team in July 2019, becoming Head of Communications in 2021. Sophie will be leading on communications for all Fully Charged LIVE shows and the YouTube channel and is excited to be getting her first electric car next year!

Sophie Perrygrove

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Sophie Perrygrove

December 20, 2021