Electric Vehicles Made Easy

Electric Vehicles Made Easy

Taking the BIG Leap and moving to an electric vehicle is one of the most exciting things a new business can do.

It allows them to take advantage of current government tax incentives with 0% BIK (Benefit in Kind), it helps save hundreds of pounds in fuel costs and if you live near a major city can be a great way to save on paying congestion charge and access cheaper parking. Certainly, if you are thinking about going electric personally, or moving more of your business’ vehicles to electric, it is thoroughly recommended.

Nonetheless, accessing these benefits can be a headache many businesses and individuals do not want to spend time dealing with. And who can blame them?

First, you need to develop knowledge of the EV industry. This involves learning about what each manufacturer offers, and how reliable their vehicles are. Indeed, this task is only going to increase as more manufacturers bring out more cars and more choice ahead of the 2030 ban on combustion engines. Indeed, whilst doing this research, one thing the consumer also must learn about is the different ways EVs charge (CCS, CHademo etc). Then, the final hurdle is checking what the lead times are on ordering a vehicle, only to find the vehicle you have your heart set on is a prototype and not realised until 2025!

But in all seriousness, the EV consumer of today and the future has a lot of learning to do. And it is thanks to helpful blogs and channels such as Fully Charged, that they can become more informed and ready to transition over to electric when they are ready.

However, compared to traditional combustion vehicles, there is one more step that new EV drivers will have to take which online blogs and YouTube channels cannot help with as much. Not only do they have to find the right car, but they also must find a charger for their home or workplace. Which, as we all know, is not as simple as getting a universally accepted and compatible charger. Indeed, you first need to work out what charger is compatible with your car? Decide what make of charger to get? Choose the power output you want? And find a fully qualified installer who can claim back any OZEV grants on your behalf.

Furthermore, even though the government offers a £350 OZEV grant towards chargers, to access this you need proof of an EV on order from your leasing company and need to find a government approved installer who is willing to help. If your leasing company are unresponsive and hard to contact, this is just another annoyance.

What is more, even with the £350 OZEV grant, the purchase of an EV charger can still set the consumer back nearly £700. And that is if your property does not require any additional electrical work to make it EV compatible. Indeed, this is all in the context of having to pay a deposit at the start of your lease!

So, what are the solutions?

At Green Leaps, when working with individuals and businesses, we try and cut out this un-needed hassle and stress, when in todays world we all just want to relax.

We do this by offering a ‘Car and Charger’ bundle.

Put simply, this means when taking out a lease on an electric vehicle you can opt to ‘bundle in’ a charger, which our fully qualified engineers will install and demo at your house. Then claim back the government OZEV grant on your behalf. Moreover, the cost of this can either be paid upfront or spread into your monthly payments. And at the end of your lease, the charger is yours to keep forever.

At the same time, we will also source and deliver your chosen vehicle to your doorstep, and make sure the charger is installed before the car arrives so on day one you are ready to go.

Our video here explains how the whole process works

Since launching our platform in June 2020, we have helped many businesses and individuals move to an electric vehicle through our bundle solution.

For example, in September 2020 we were approached by a small business who wanted to move their vehicles over to electric but did not want the hassle of organising a car and charger. Effectively, they knew what they wanted, but just wanted it to be sorted out effectively and efficiently by our electric vehicle experts. After a few phone calls with our vehicle and charging experts, within 2 months their cars were delivered, and chargers installed at their properties. And thankfully for us, they have referred us to a friend – how kind!

Equally, the same applies to individuals who wish to take out a personal lease. Everyday we are approached by people wanting to move electric but find it to be a hassle when working a full-time job. After a few 5-minute phone calls we know what they want and get on with delivering it. Indeed, many of our customers enjoy the bundle because they find it an effective way to future-proof their homes. After all, from 2030 in the UK all new cars will be electric and homes without chargers will be less of a premium.

Ultimately then, getting an EV is not going to follow the same process as how we have all traditionally changed our cars for the past 10, 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years. Its going to involve learning and organisation. However, as individuals and businesses begin to move up the ‘EV Ladder’, we believe this process should be as simple and hassle free as possible. And that is where our Car and Charger bundle can help.

So, if you are looking for a new EV, or just want a chat in these difficult times, please give our team a call – we would love to help.

About the author

Bertie is Managing Director and one of two founders of Green Leaps. Green Leaps aims to make moving to and accessing electric vehicles as easy and cost-effective as possible. With a passion for EV technology, and helping society have access to the latest and most exciting technology, Green Leaps is here to help.

Bertie Rushton

Written by

Bertie Rushton

February 17, 2021