Powerloop: V2G from Octopus Electric Vehicles

In this product showcase we spoke to Claire Miller, Director of Technology and Innovation at Octopus Electric Vehicles about Powerloop.


Powerloop is Octopus’ new Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) innovation project! V2G technology allows you to both charge and discharge your car, making your vehicle an integrated energy asset in your home. Octopus are currently recruiting customers in the UKPN area to take part in this trial so you could be part of domestic electrification and create the energy grid of the future. To find out more and ask questions to the Powerloop experts, book a workshop here!

Terms and Conditions

Powerloop is only available in the UKPN area, and you will need to lease a new Nissan LEAF from us. You must have access to off-street parking connected to your house. Not all household systems can support V2G. To find out more, head to the Octopus Electric Vehicle website.