eSmart Networks: Behind the charger, the bit you never see

In this episode we spoke with Simon Gallagher, Managing Director at eSmart Networks about how they are delivering the green infrastructure revolution.

They design, install and connect Electric Vehicle charging points across the UK as well as connect solar, wind and other renewable sources to the electricity network. They are enabling the biggest change in how we use energy since the industrial revolution.


eSmart Networks are hardware agnostic and can install the large-scale vehicle charging infrastructure that enables EV drivers to simply pull up, plug-in and charge.

They offer a full service ‘one-stop shop’ – as a Lloyds Register accredited ‘Independent Connections Provider’ (ICP) and with a deep civil engineering history and electrical installation capability. They are part of Nexus Infrastructure plc, who have been delivering essential infrastructure for over 40 years.


Designing and installing EV charging solutions

eSmart Networks

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