Dynamo Taxi: 100% Electrics Cabs

In this product showcase we spoke to John Heath, Market Development Manager for Dynamo Motor Company, about their 100% electric taxi.

Dynamo Taxi – 100% Electrics Cabs

The Dynamo 100% Electric Taxi is based on the Nissan e-NV200 Evalia and is the only fully electric black cab that has been built with the driver in mind. It can deliver a range of up to 187 miles, can rapid charge in under an hour and, as it is emissions free, is exempt from the London congestion and ULEZ charges. The Dynamo is currently the most cost effective taxi around and can be found on the roads in many UK cities.

  • All electric drivetrain proven over billions of miles of use around the world
  • Nimble size of vehicle, ideal for urban motoring
  • Multiple charging options
  • ‘Fuel’ costs of only 3p per mile estimated based on charging at home
  • Service costs substantially reduced
  • No congestion / ULEZ charges
  • Superior hackney carriage interior with comfortable seating for 5 people

Dynamo Motor Company

For more information, visit: www.dynamotaxi.com