Tusker: Electric Benefits with Salary Sacrifice

In this showcase Robert talks to Paul Gilshan, CEO of Tusker, the UK’s leading salary sacrifice provider for cars, to find out exactly how salary sacrifice can benefit employers and employees.

Tusker: Electric Benefits

Salary Sacrifice is an affordable way for employees to drive a new electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid with insurance, MOT, servicing, breakdown cover, road fund licence, replacement tyres and routine maintenance all included. Electric cars and salary sacrifice go hand in hand, thanks to the low Benefit in Kind they attract. As a result, Tusker is enabling more people than ever before to access affordable brand-new cars.


Why getting an EV through Salary Sacrifice makes perfect sense:

  • Drive a brand-new EV, fully maintained and insured, cheaper than from the retail market
  • Make the most of Reduced Benefit In Kind (BIK) rates
  • Help your business attract and retain staff
  • Organisations can reduce their environmental footprint through the scheme
  • Carbon-neutral for over 10 years, Tusker aim to achieve Net Zero by 2023



For more information, visit: www.tuskercars.com