Mobility Service: Your Electric Leasing Partner

For this showcase episode we spoke to Sebastiaan Rodenboog and Alexander Boon from the leading Dutch company car leasing provider, and Fully Charged Live Europe 2022 headline sponsor, Mobility Service.

Mobility Service are the largest EV leasing company in the Netherlands, and experts in providing businesses with the most suitable electric company cars for their employees. With a focus on helping companies make a switch to a more sustainable fleet, their ambition is to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility, by making electric driving the standard..


What makes Mobility Service unique:

  • A flexible, customer focussed personal service
  • Purchasing in advance, makes it possible to supply electric lease cars quickly
  • Support from a knowledgeable team who are always available through WhatsApp, mail or phone
  • Great customer service ratings
  • A long history with electric cars, which started in 2008



Mobility Service

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