Brekr: Ride into the Future

In this product showcase we spoke to Niels Willems, Founder and Commercial Director of Brekr, about the Model B electric bike.

Brekr offers a well-designed electric bike as alternative to Vespa-type scooters. The design is different but logical at the same time. Let’s call it a futuristic café racer. The Model B can easily change color for customization. Unique is it’s sounds which can be switched on or off. A shaker turns the protection plate into a speaker and warns pedestrians and people on pushbikes.


What are the special features of the Brekr Model B:

  • Unique design, the electric café racer
  • Sounds for safety and fun
  • Easy customization
  • Connected and smart
  • Swappable batteries, use one or two
  • Light weight, just 79 kg with one battery
  • Built in The Netherlands with premium parts


BREKR Model B Riders in Arnhem

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