The Phoenix Works

Phoenix Works

The Phoenix Works is a renewable energy and electric vehicle charging specialist. Our Mission is to empower the transition to sustainable energy and transportation. We are passionate about quality and service; setting the standards within the industry.

“With emphasis on the service and not the sell, The Phoenix Works offer unique purchasing options for solar PV, Battery energy storage, vehicle charging and other such technologies. We deliver end to end solutions using carefully selected hardware and high operational standards. Our delivery, installation, maintenance and management teams cover the whole of the UK and are trained specifically in the field within which we operate. As well as our strict due-diligence process, we are well known for our academy training. Empowering others to understand and appreciate the complexities of these technologies from an engineering and installation aspect as well as a consultative point of view.

Moving forward, we continue to invest in our own development as much as the evolving market and the requirements of old and new relationships. 2018 saw us become part of RETIG group, joining our sister company, Tonik Energy. Together, we can make changes for the greater, cleaner, greener good. Delivering green energy and associated technologies to improve the lives of generations.”