DryCycle Ltd

DryCycle electric bike

All weather pedal cycle! 4 wheels, 900mm wide, completely enclosed cabin, pedal assist electric drive! DryCycle is set to revolutionise urban transport, saving you time and keeping you fit!

Launched at the 2019 FullyChargedLive show, the DryCycle is an entirely new type of vehicle that makes cycling a much better option for short commutes, and trips to your local shops.

  • Do you want to stay fit but don’t like paying gym fees?
  • Want to exercise on your way back from work saving time you’d otherwise spend in a gym?
  • Maybe you just want to be able to cycle around no matter what the weather is throwing at you and be able to dress for your destination rather than your mode of transport? How about electrical assistance when pedalling so that you can choose how hard you have to push the pedals?
  • Lane splitting through traffic or bypassing it all together on cycle paths? Do you want a vehicle that’s actually road legal and legal to use on cycle paths? (Unlike electric scooters/skateboards, hoverboards etc.)

The solution to all these scenarios and many, many more can be found in the DryCycle, visit our web-site for further details, www.DryCycle.co.uk